RT&E GrafikPharm News to Chew - Issue5 Spring 2008
Recent WorkDelDOT
Spring means blooming flowers and trees, longer days, and of course, DelDOT workers repairing last winter's damage to our roads and highways. Highway work is dangerous, so when DelDOT challenged RT&E to create a campaign for work zone safety, we got on the bus and brought the ideas. READ MORE

Across nations and continents, people are making paper, and Hercules is there to help. Hercules offers services to increase efficiencies and create high-grade papers with less pollution or waste. Hercules came to RT&E to develop a new brand identity and advertising that promoted their global presence. READ MORE

Warm the Heart
Warm the Heart, a local non-profit organization created by Mark Aitken and Dave Geiger of Horizon Services, donated 13 home heating systems to families in New Castle County this winter, and asked RT&E to help. READ MORE


The 60's-era novel Don't Stop the Carnival, penned by noted author Herman Wouk, chronicles the mid-life crisis of a fictional Broadway theater publicist named Norman Paperman, who chucks it all to become a resort innkeeper on the Caribbean island of Amerigo. The perils of Paperman and the work of Wouk were set to music many years later when tropical troubadour Jimmy Buffet collaborated with the author to create a musical based on the book.

In the musical version, Paperman questions his decision to leave New York behind to deal with a shortage of water on the island and with the local island natives, noted for their slower pace of life and their penchant for nepotism. In the song titled "Public Relations," Paperman—as voiced by Jimmy—talks about missing his former life's work, which included "working the press for a mention or two." Granted, given some artistic license and considering the era in which Wouk completed the book, the field of public relations is much more than, as Norman says, "hustling for headlines."

Public relations in today's environment is a discipline of communications that creates awareness of a company or organization and its expertise which will lead to more business opportunities. It is also a method of reaching targeted audiences with a strategic message to positively encourage a specific action or perception. The media relations component of an overall PR strategy is only one of several "tools" to be employed to communicate a targeted message to a precisely defined audience. In the case of working with the media—either business-to-business or consumer; print, broadcast or on-line—the goal is to reach the audience of that outlet who view that publication, show or website as a source of credible, valuable information. READ MORE

New To Our Pack
Debbie SchmoyerDebbie Schmoyer Graphic Designer
Debbie joined Grafikpharm in April after 5 years as a designer for AstraZeneca. Debbie has also worked as an Art Director in the publishing industry. She started her career in advertising and is happy to return and be a part of the RT&E pack.
Grant HuberGrant Huber Graphic Designer
Grant has a long history with GrafikPharm and RT&E, where he did his first freelance work before he was allowed to vote. Grant brings his artistic abilities to the desk, and his culinary abilities to the table, as the organizer of our now monthly Pot Luck Luncheons.

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