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RT&E GrafikPharm News to Chew - Issue5 Fall 2008
Recent WorkDelaware State University
Our relationship with Delaware State University continues as we redesign their logo. We took their existing globe logo and updated it with guidance from DSU, as well as carrying out a redesign of their internal and external correspondence. This is not only an important update, but a step towards creating... read more

With RT&E's guidance in public relations, Southco rededicated their Concordville, PA, campus as their new state-of-the-art Injection Molding and Rapid Prototyping Center of Excellence. To prepare for the event, we contacted the media to promote coverage of the event and organized the invitation and... read more

EZPass, the time and change saving automotive widget that allows drivers to go through tollbooths without stopping to pay was unfortunately misunderstood by many potential customers. Some believed that the EZPass transponder would notify the police when a driver was speeding, or that EZPass could... read more


We've all been tempted to say it.
Whenever someone approaches us with their take on how to 'improve the brand' we politely inform them that what they are talking about is identity, or positioning, or core competency, or any one of a hundred different items that can all be mistaken for branding.

And, truth be told, branding is sometimes over used. Especially when the issue is sales, product volume, work force training and motivation or my favorite, a hell of a good, old fashioned advertising campaign... read more





At 25 I'm hurt...
In our last News to Chew, we made mention of the Work Zone Safety campaign we developed and executed for the Delaware Department of Transportation. Our work with DelDOT continued in the summer with the Residential Zone safety campaign. We created print inserts, yard signs, billboards, bus wraps and a particularly intense radio spot that revolved around a collision between a vehicle and a child; the accident kills the child, at only 35 mph. We backed up the creative campaign with public relations events to drive news coverage. The response from Delaware citizens was overwhelmingly... read more

New To Our Pack
Maureen Poling Maureen Poling Business Manager
Maureen chews on all things financial. Her 14 years of diversified experience including years at Price Waterhouse and Unilever allows her to provide us and our clients with the systems we need to manage our accounting, purchasing, financial reporting and budgeting.
Ashley Duran

Ashley Durán Jr. Account Manager
Ashley Durán joins RT&E with a degree in English and a concentration in journalism. She previously interned with AstraZeneca, where she developed her interest in the pharmaceutical industry. Her creative solutions and organized nature are suited to supporting her clients.

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