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EZPass Campaign Campaign


EZPass, the time and change saving automotive widget that allows drivers to go through tollbooths without stopping to pay was unfortunately misunderstood by many potential customers. Some believed that the EZPass transponder would notify the police when a driver was speeding, or that EZPass could be used to track a car's movements wherever it went, and others were of the idea that any money in their EZPass accounts would be claimed by the government if not used within the month. EZPass of Delaware came to RT&E and tasked us with developing a campaign that would dispel those ideas that stop people from purchasing an EZPass transponder and starting an account. To that end, we created a series of print ads, online, and a radio spot to dispel these common misunderstandings of EZPass. We also developed the media to promote a buy-one-get-one giveaway of EZPass transponders.